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Catlateral Damage and Rain World are greenlit on Steam

Along with 48 other titles.

Steam has accepted its latest batch of 50 titles on its Greenlight service, including a couple of recent feline-based favourites.

In one corner we've got Chris Chung's Catlateral Damage, a first-person cat simulator where you're tasked with ransacking your minder's place, while in the other corner there's Rain World, a gorgeous post-apocalyptic survival adventure about a "slugcat." Rain World's already achieved its $25K Kickstarter goal by more than $10K, and is currently working towards a $50K Linux stretch goal. It's got 22 days to go, so it should have no problem hitting that and then some.

As for the rest of the titles, the full list is as follows:

Catlateral Damage.
  • 1heart
  • 4PM
  • Aces Wild : Manic Brawling Action!
  • AR-K
  • Between Me And The Night
  • Block Story
  • Burning Cars
  • Catlateral Damage
  • Chronology
  • Claustrophobia: The Downward Struggle
  • Dawn of the Ronin
  • Deadbreed
  • Dethroned!
  • Dungeonforge
  • Dynamic Auto Painter x64
  • Edge Of Eternity
  • Frozen State
  • GTGD S1
  • Heldric - The legend of the shoemaker
  • Helicopter Simulator - Search and Rescue: Natural Disasters
  • Hero Siege
  • Hunting Anubis
  • I Want To Be Human (Alpha)
  • Infectonator: Survivors
  • Influent
  • Insula
  • Inverto
  • liteCam: 100 FPS Game Capture
  • Long Night
  • Love
  • MindTex
  • MorphVOX - Voice Changer
  • New Orbit
  • No Photos, Please!
  • Path to the Sky
  • Prominence
  • Quest of Dungeons
  • Rain World
  • Reaper - Tale of a Pale Swordsman
  • RymdResa
  • Skara - The Blade Remains
  • SpaceEngine
  • Storm United MMO FPS
  • The Gallery: Six Elements
  • Time Rifters
  • Voice of Pripyat 3D
  • Wake Up Call
  • World End ECONOMiCA episode.01
  • Zoom Player