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Catlateral Damage developer explains upcoming additions

Stealth ransacking, timeless exploration and more.

Catlateral Damage developer Chris Chung has detailed some of the upcoming additions to the commercial build of his first-person cat simulator.

Note the paw print.

Previously Chung mentioned a mode called Cat Ops, but it wasn't clear exactly what that entailed. In an e-mail correspondence with Eurogamer, Chung explained that it's a sneaky mode about stealth ransacking. "The basic premise is that it's night time and your owner is asleep, so you have to knock over objects without making too much noise," he said. "I feel like this mode will fulfill the desire to be a sneaky cat, and also give quite a different challenge than the current game mode."

Chung also added that there will be a timeless "free" mode, in which you can explore and make a mess at your own leisure. "I actually just implemented it today, so it'll be available in the next build," the developer noted.

When asked about potential Time Trials mode, Chung suggested this "would consist of a goal score and you would try to achieve that score in the shortest time." This isn't on the docket yet, but Chung said, "that would be very easy to add though, so I'll make a note of it!"

As far as the scope of the stages go, this will grow increasingly larger, ala Katamri Damacy. "Level design is also in progress, but I'd like to create levels in such a way that the earlier levels are somewhat small (individual rooms) and progressively get bigger," Chung explained. "I plan on creating entire houses broken up into individual rooms, so it'll be possible to block off rooms as separate levels or give the player full access to the whole house."

Catlateral Damage is due later this year on PC, Mac and Linux. The free browser-based prototype built during 7DFPS, the week long FPS game jam, can be played at the official Catlateral Damage site.

Cover image for YouTube videoCatlateral Damage - Alpha Gameplay v3.2a