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Catlateral Damage is out of the bag next week

Kitty pride.

First-person feline simulator Catlateral Damage will arrive on PC, Mac and Linux via Steam on 27th May.

An Ouya version should follow "a few days to a week later" the developer told Eurogamer.

It will cost $9.99 (or your local equivalent), but will be 10 per cent off at launch.

The cat-based curio puts players in the paws of a house cat tasked with ransacking the house while their human is away.

It will feature procedurally-generated houses with a plethora of collectibles, unlockable cats, and power-ups. Cats will have different properties such as strength and agility, while items like catnip will give your feline even friskier.

Catlateral Damage was initial developed by Chris Chung as part of the week-long first-person game jam, 7DFPS. Chung later launched a Kickstarter campaign to flesh out a commercial version with Fire Hose Games, and the project raised $61,944.

Here's how it's looking now:

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