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Catherine Collector's Edition has pants

And a pillowcase, t-shirt, pizza box.

The Collector's Edition of Catherine comes with a pair of pants - take that, serious Sony identity theft saga.

The pants are snazzy polka-dot boxer shorts, as worn by the game's Vincent character during his nightmares. Let's hope the dreams weren't too frightening.

The Collector's Edition - called a "Love is Over" Deluxe Edition - offers a pillowcase, a pizza box and a t-shirt as well. The pillowcase has an "alluring" print of reclining heroine Catherine; the pizza box is stamped with the logo of in-game bar Stray Sheep; and the "Empty Hearts" t-shirt is worn by Catherine in the game.

No European release of Catherine has been confirmed, but in America - where the game is released on 26th July - this Deluxe Edition costs $80. Remember, PS3 games are region-free, so you can import it.

Anyone pre-ordering the Deluxe Edition or the Standard Edition will be given an art book and soundtrack, too.

Stock for both the Deluxe Edition and the pre-order bonuses is limited.

Catherine is an erotic horror puzzle game, as Wikipedia succinctly puts it - dressed in fetching manga-style clothes. And Eurogamer has heard good things about it.