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Capcom patches SSF2T HD Remix

More characters sadly not possible.

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Capcom has patched the Super Street Fighter II HD Remix beta for Xbox Live users and admitted it would love to add more playable fighters but can't do anything else with this build.

"I know you guys want more characters for the beta, but unfortunately, [it's] technically not possible for the patch," the developer wrote on the patch announcement blog. "Sorry guys... I would've loved to add another character or two."

But never mind, because the patch - due live at 2am PST, which is 10am in old money - should improve the experience for those of you still bashing one another as Ryu and Ken over Xbox Live.

As previously announced, the patch deals with a range of issues including the netcode and some dragon punch tweaks. There's video through that link if you want to try and quantify it all.

Capcom also recently announced that the beta would continue past the original closing date until 5th September. Alas, there's no PlayStation Network equivalent - even though the game is due out on both services - for logistical reasons, but the devs say that feedback on Xbox performance will inform development of both versions.

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