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Video: Let's Replay Street Fighter 2

"There was blood all over the SNES controller."

"I got my first real six string,
Bought it at the five-and-dime,
Played it till my fingers bled,
It was the summer of '69."

When husky-voiced Canadian rock "artist" Bryan Adams wrote those lyrics, he was of course referring to his cherished viola. But he could have been talking about Wesley Yin-Poole - if, instead of "six string" and "five-and-dime", he had written "SNES" and "MovieTime Video in Clapham".

Here, Eurogamer's news editor reveals how he fell in love with this classic fighting game. He discusses blood, tears and Triads, and remembers an entire evening spent trying to pull off a spinning pile-driver. You Won't Believe What Happened Next, as the internet says these days. (You will.)

Oh yeah and "1991" instead of "'69".

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