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Capcom cancels Mega Man 3DS game

Insists franchise is still important.

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Capcom has cancelled development of its Nintendo 3DS Mega Man game.

Mega Man Legends 3, announced in September last year, was cancelled because it failed to meet "the required criteria", Capcom said.

In a FAQ on Capcom Unity, Capcom said it has no plans to restart the project in the future.

Nor will the Prototype version of the game, intended as a Nintendo eShop download, launch.

Capcom denied MML3's fate was sealed by Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune's departure from the company last year.

And it moved to reassure fans that the future's bright for Mega Man – despite the cancellation of two games in the illustrious series this year.

"Mega Man is still an important franchise within Capcom's portfolio and we will continue to pursue opportunities to create new titles in the series," Capcom said.

Legends 3 was to be the first game in the series to offer fans the opportunity to get directly involved in development.

The dev team had been collating user's ideas, with the best suggestions making it into the final game.

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