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Inafune offered to finish MML3

Capcom: "We have no need to do that."

Departed Capcom development chief Keiji Inafune offered to finish the cancelled Mega Man Legends 3 project, but Capcom declined, according to a Game Blurb report.

In a translated interview with Japanese site 4Gamer, Inafune revealed that, upon announcing his resignation last October, he asked Capcom to be allowed to complete the game under contract at his new start-up Comcept. However, his former employers weren't interested.

As publicised back in July, the 3DS title was later cancelled.

"I told them that I was going to found my own independent company and leave Capcom," recounted Inafune.

"However, I stated that I was ready to make a contract with them so that I could keep working on those projects that I started.

"I couldn't start making contracts with other publishers for sure if Capcom agreed to the proposition, but I wanted to see those projects that I started to completion. But it couldn't be done. They answered, 'We have no need to do that.'"

Inafune lamented leaving the project so soon after getting the game off the ground but insisted he just couldn't continue on at the publisher.

"I really don't want to quit at this crucial moment… but I can't keep going at Capcom. I am too tired to keep going. I wanted to leave Capcom to recharge my energy, and support Capcom from there, but it seems they don't allow it."

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