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Keiji Inafune's first post-Capcom game

Mega Man creator goes cute on iOS and Android.

Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune is working on a cute social game.

Dr. Momo's Island is Inafune's first game since he quit Capcom last year.

Dr. Momo's Island is a free, micro-transaction-based social game for the GREE mobile social gaming service in Japan, Andriasang reports. You play mad scientist Dr. Momo, who loves cute things. He combines animals together in an effort to make the world's cutest thing. Aww.

The game launches on iOS and Android in the autumn.

Inafune quit Capcom late last year after a whopping 23 years at the company.

Explaining the decision, he said he had "nowhere higher to go".

Inafune's career at Capcom was long and illustrious. He's best known for establishing Mega Man, but has also helped bring Resident Evil, Onimusha, Lost Planet, Dead Rising, Street Fighter IV and many more games to fruition.

In May this year it emerged he was working on an PlayStation 3 exclusive RPG, with a release planned for this August.