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Mega Man creator announces 3DS game

UPDATE: King of Pirates Japan only.

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UPDATE: King of Pirates is currently only planned for release in Japan (as of Oct. 2011), according to the game's recently launched website.

ORIGINAL STORY: Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune is making a Nintendo 3DS game called King of Pirates, due out next year.

It's described as an action RPG with multiplayer by Andriasang. King of Pirates (Kai-oh in Japanese) has a pirate theme. You play as a penguin.

King of Pirates is a collaboration between Inafune's new company, Intercept, and Marvelous AQL.

Inafune, who quit Capcom last year after 23 years at the Japanese company, heads up two companies: Comcept and Intercept.

Intercept is strictly a game production company. Its focus is on originality, gravity and "beyond the age" - things that cross eras.

Comcept, however, deals with all forms of entertainment, including games, mobile content, books, music, video and even events.

Inafune was head of Capcom's consumer games R&D division, and had the final say on which games should and shouldn't be made.

Hi career at Capcom was long and illustrious. He's best known for establishing Mega Man, but has also helped bring Resident Evil, Onimusha, Lost Planet, Dead Rising, Street Fighter IV and many more games to fruition.

Inafune was charged by Capcom an April to oversee all Western-developed games to ensure they adhered to the publisher's style. His swansong is Dead Rising 2, which was released at the end of September.

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