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Call of Duty: Warzone's bunkers are open - and fans think there's a Black Ops tease

UPDATE: Players find nuclear warhead, datamine U-2 plane.

UPDATE: It really didn't take long for players to discover what was going on behind the doors in bunker 11, as members of the Modern Warzone subreddit community have already managed to clip through the walls to discover a nuclear warhead.

As shared by Geek Gaming Squad on YouTube, the bunker caught the attention of the community as it was the only one that still had a red light on the door. Using a drone, the group was able to clip through the walls to tour through the bunker. Dataminers in the Modern Warzone Discord were able to view the model, and confirmed it was called “nuke_coreless”. Perhaps something needs to be put inside the nuke to arm it.

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Along with the alarming news about a nuclear warhead under the map, one fan also found models for the RC-XD (a remote-controlled explosive car) and a U-2 plane file, which looks somewhat similar to the Spy Plane from Black Ops. Why has the plane that became iconic in the Cold War suddenly popped up? Food for thought.

Although the file is labelled U-2, the model has since been identified as the Myasishchev M-55, considered the Soviet counterpart to the U-2. How mysterious.

ORIGINAL STORY: Ever since Warzone launched back in March, players have been trying to figure out various ways to get into the map's hidden bunkers, and discover what sort of goodies could be waiting inside. Today, the hidden caverns finally spilled their secrets - while the patch notes have dropped a line that's put players in a tizzy.

Thanks to the latest patch, players can now access the bunkers using a Red Access Card: a lootable item which can be found in legendary chests. Once inside the bunker, players can grab high-quality gear and cash to set them up for the game. It's basically the same as Apex Legends' vaults and vault keys, and from my experience of that game, let me tell you - those vaults really do become a flash point for scuffles.

Bunker doors that are outside now open with a keycard from r/CODWarzone

While you'd think that would be the end of it, it seems Warzone's bunkers have a further surprise in store, as there are yet more doors inside which are currently locked. It's like a Russian doll, but bunkers.

Players have also noticed a message at the bottom of the latest patch notes which they believe could point to a further secret. Some think this could be a reference to the number stations in Black Ops, set in the Cold War, and a teaser for the next Call of Duty title. This would fit with previous reporting by Kotaku that Call of Duty: 2020 would be Black Ops 5, made by Treyarch - and likely set in the Cold War involving Vietnam.

Meanwhile, others have discovered the telephones dotted around the map have started blurting out Russian, which apparently detail encryption codes. Is an ARG afoot? Could that code possibly unlock the second set of doors?

Warzone Phone Rings! Speaks Russian and gives a code. Can someone translate? from r/CODWarzone

If you want to dive into the latest Modern Warfare patch, you'll need to brace yourself for a hefty download, as the latest is 20GB on PlayStation 4, 26.1GB on PC (with another 3.9GB for paid players), and an impressive 31GB on Xbox One (thanks, COD Tracker). Here we go again.