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Call of Duty Warzone has a bunch of mysterious locked bunkers

And players are trying to work out how to get in.

As pointed out by a certain YouTuber in his slightly premature preview, Infinity Ward has stuffed a bunch of Easter eggs into the new Warzone map, and players are already scrambling to find clues and solve the battle royale's mysteries.

Aside from references to past Call of Duty titles, players have discovered a bunch of interact-able phones, password-locked laptops and bunkers dotted around the map - with the latter requiring key codes to access. What could be inside: new vehicles, flashy guns, a zombie horde? Well, nobody's quite sure yet, as interaction with the items so far results in a denial sound. Or dial sound for the phone, rather.

Found a door by prison that only opens with a code. from r/CODWarzone
You can use the phone in the airport control tower from r/ModernWarzone
There's a laptop in the military base that needs a password. (under the control tower) from r/CODWarzone

Players on the r/ModernWarzone subreddit and Discord have focused their efforts on locating all the items, and user Lampy101 has created a map of the findings. 11 bunker doors have been found (some without keypads), which players have linked to the 11 "classified" landmarks listed on the official Call of Duty Warzone guide. The Junkyard zone, for instance, has three classified landmarks (32, 33 and 37), which match up with the three keypads found by players and marked in blue on the map below. Dataminers have apparently found references to the interact-able items, which are tagged as "map_hint_" in the code, and all result in "deny" aliases.

Updated map of keypad, phones and computers from r/ModernWarzone

All the classified areas have descriptions with redacted words on the website, although whether a clue to opening the bunkers lies in these or elsewhere remains a mystery. Players have been trying to interact with items in a certain sequence, such as racing between calling a phone and accessing a laptop. But perhaps it's merely the setup for an upcoming event, as Activision yesterday said it has "a ton of content plans and live events to come that will continue to keep fans guessing and ready to experience new thrills". Maybe they could work a little like the vaults in Apex Legends, which contain amazing loot but require keys to open.

Meanwhile, some more familiar Easter eggs have also been spotted - such as TVs displaying infamously-tricky mission Mile High Club from the original Modern Warfare, and the Burger Town restaurant from Modern Warfare 2. Oh, and also a fair few teddy bears, which have traditionally been left as Easter eggs in a variety of Call of Duty titles. Good to cuddle when you're being hunted down by a squad.

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