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Call of Duty Warzone gets a new map next season

While Caldera gets a major refresh.

Call of Duty Warzone is getting a brand-new map as part of Vanguard/Warzone's Season Four update.

The map, titled "Fortune’s Keep", features several key locations including Keep, a towering structure which houses 20 cannons, 10 staircases, 12 rooms and a fountain, and Smuggler's Cove, another area with a focus on verticality, which includes eight ladders, three ziplines, eight huts and 11 boats.

Overview of Fortune's Keep
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Given the approximate size of Fortune's Keep, one could speculate that this new map could replace Rebirth Island, the secondary map first introduced to Warzone with the release of Black Ops: Cold War.

Meanwhile, Caldera is getting a major refresh in response to player complaints about the map's existing layout.

The biggest change is a 50 percent reduction in vegetation, resulting in better visability. Players frequently complained that the amount of vegetation in the tropical map made it difficult to spot other players.

The update also brings new micro points of interest and more opportunties for looting.

There's also new secret underground mercenary vaults to explore.

Overview of the refreshed Caldera map

Earlier this month, Activision confirmed that the next iteration of Warzone that will release alongside Modern Warfare 2 won't carry over progression and items earned in the existing game.

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