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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 not a "commentary on current events", developer says

Soap and glory.

Modern Warfare 2's full release is just around the corner, and ahead of this developer Infinity Ward is keen to clear some things up - notably that, despite some similarities in missions, the game is not running a "commentary" on the world's current events.

"It's an entertainment adventure," Call of Duty narrative director Brian Bloom explained recently (via PCGamesN). "And as far as real people and real places doing real things, you know, these are not based on actual events."

The PC launch trailer for Modern Warfare 2.Watch on YouTube

Bloom went on to state the team is, however, inspired by real-world events. "We want you to feel like when you play the game, it's happening in the world that you live in, and our heroes are here to do things that put the world back the way it was, in the way we left it, to restore it," he continued.

"And that's part of the kind of ethos on the Modern Warfare side of the house."

Modern Warfare 2 is set to have its full release tomorrow. Ahead of this, Infinity Ward has advised players not to change their console's region in a bid to get earlier access to the game.

The developer issued a statement warning players they may experience "connectivity issues" and could find themselves "locked out of the game" until it is officially released in their region if they do this. So, be warned. It may not be worth the Captain Price of trying.

Instead, why don't you take a look at our rundown on Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer release time on PC, Xbox and PlayStation here.

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