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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout game puts 100 people straight into the last circle

Mistakes were made.

There are bugs - and then there's something we really do wish would happen to us because it looks like a lot of fun.

One Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout game saw all 100 players parachuted into the map as normal - except it sent them straight into the last circle.

Redditor bwg11 clipped the carnage and uploaded it for all to see.

That Awkward When 100 People Are In The Last Circle from r/Blackops4

Players die to the circle, to punches (because loads of people don't have weapons) and to a roaming ARAV vehicle that's clearly having the time of its life.

"Erm, I'm in a game but the circle's closing in," bwg11 says, as realisation sets in. "What has happened?"

As the player count reduces to 40-something and the circle warns of impending doom, bwg11 complains of lag. Then, bizarrely, more players are seen to parachute into the circle even as it shrinks to almost nothing.

And then, perhaps inevitably, the connection is interrupted and bwg11 is booted out of the game.

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So, what happened? A glitch of some kind? Or maybe developer Treyarch accidentally let the public in on some stress test version of Blackout. Or maybe there's a ghost in the machine...

"All I did was hit search this is the first time it's happened out of 200+ games," bwg11 commented in a post on Reddit.

Either way, this version of Blackout looks like a lot of fun! Perhaps Treyarch will one day release a limited time mode inspired by this eye-catching accident.

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