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Call of Duty 4 breaks 10 million

Xbox 360 version outsold others apparently.

Infinity Ward has boasted that its acclaimed shooter Call of Duty 4 has surged past 10 million sales around the world.

The developer spilled the beans to News.com, and revealed that the Xbox 360 version had been most successful, although no figures were mentioned.

Call of Duty 4 was released on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 last November. Its attraction is such that it still commands a top 10 place in the UK All-Formats chart, holding on at nine for the week just passed.

It won universal praise for its cinematic battles and a welcome move onto a modern battlefield, marking a high point for the series as a whole. We also liked the one with the bushy beard moustache thing and cigar. Extra points.

Alas, although unconfirmed, it appears to be alternate series developer Treyarch set to deliver Call of Duty 5, with action rumoured to return to the tired fields of World War II.