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Burnout Crash a spin-off for XBLA, PSN?

Oz ratings board strengthen the rumour.

The Australian ratings board has outed a game called Burnout Crash.

It's multi-platform, according to the 1st April filing, and a related CV subsequently found by Gamerbytes clarified this to mean PS3 and Xbox 360.

Developer Criterion is believed to have been toying with various Burnout projects since 2008 - a Crash Mode-specific title for PSN and XBLA among them.

Is Burnout Crash it? The name and details suggest as much.

Crash Mode was an itch Burnout Paradise didn't scratch; Criterion tried to use Showtime to plug the hole.

Criterion trumped Burnout Paradise (8/10) with next project Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, a game Eurogamer awarded a Ferrari-bright 9/10 to. Reviewer Tom Bramwell even went as far as to call the game "an unqualified triumph".

Showtime: Burnout Paradise's Crash Mode.