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Burnout Crash! coming to iPhone, iPad

Out this holiday season.

Burnout Crash! launches on iPad, iPad 2 and iPhone 4 this holiday season, EA has announced.

The Criterion-developed downloadable spin-off includes three game modes, 18 traffic junctions, six locations and an eighties-inspired soundtrack.

"The game's super simple controls make it perfect for a mobile platform and it will give Burnout fans a chance to take the fun of Crash mode with them wherever they are," said creative director Richard Franke.

Burnout Crash! first launched on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade last month.

Eurogamer's Burnout Crash! review skidded towards a 6/10.

"The curious structure of Burnout Crash makes the overall experience one of giddy highs punctuated by fist-clenching lows, and as such it's very difficult to recommend with any confidence," wrote Dan Whitehead.

"It's as if Criterion had baked a delicious cake then told players they could only eat it with cocktail sticks while wearing oven gloves. As tasty as the end result might be, it can't help spoiling the party mood."