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Bungie working on non-Halo IP

Two titles plus Halo DLC in dev.

Bungie studio manager Harold Ryan says that the developer is working on non-Halo games - including one that ran parallel to Halo 3's development - having decided a while ago that it doesn't work if you let one project swamp you completely.

"During the development of Halo and Halo 2, we had other, non-Halo IPs in development and we killed those projects both times. Both teams were swallowed whole by the Halo team. With Halo 3, that was the first time we knew that we couldn't let that happen - it's not an acceptable way out to add 20 people to the project by killing that prototype," Ryan told Develop.

"We kept the prototype running throughout the development of Halo 3 and now we have a creative team which feels like they own that," he added. "We also have Halo DLC on the way, and a new IP prototype that we are very excited about. Then we have other Halo games that are cranking along also." The result, he says, is happiness and growth.

Which is surely what we all aspire to. And of course if any of those new games ends up as good as, say, Halo 3, then you can be sure we'll crudely bludgeon gamepage links into every paragraph for them as well.

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