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Bulletstorm Epic Edition exclusive to GAME

Buy your Gears of War 3 beta ticket.

Epic Games' creative pin-up Cliff Bleszinksi has confirmed the Epic Edition of Bulletstorm as a UK exclusive for shop chain GAME.

"FYI UK guys – GAME is the only spot for y'all to pre order Bulletstorm Epic Edition," he tweeted, handsomely.

GAME in this case also means Gamestation, as the two shop-chains are owned by GAME Group.

What is the Epic Edition of Bulletstorm? An ever-so-slightly-fancier version of the game that crucially contains an invite to the Gears of War 3 multiplayer beta.

The Epic Edition also bestows 25,000 in-game experience points, visual upgrades to Bulletstorm's iconic leash and the Peace Maker Carbine weapon.

The Epic Edition of Bulletstorm costs £44.99 at GAME.

Bulletstorm, a shooter made by Epic Games-owned developer People Can Fly, concerns itself more with how stylishly you dispatch hordes of baddies than the fact you're murdering them at all. Slide, kick, throw people in the air - it's not Panorama.

Demos for both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are out now.

What does Eurogamer think so far? "Bulletstorm is a shooter where you're looking for the juicy racing line that runs through each level. Its high score arcade ethos has been tried before - notably with love-'em-or-hate-'em oddities like The Club - but it's never been done with this kind of big-budget assurance and hillbilly humour. Fling that together with a single-player campaign packed with set-pieces and huge bosses and you can see why EA's excited about this one."

The Bulletstorm demo captured.