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Brothers director announces co-op prison break game A Way Out

Can only be played with two players.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons writer and director Josef Fares revealed the new game he's helming. It's called A Way Out and it's a co-op game about two men breaking out of prison.

Revealed at EA's E3 press conference, A Way Out is the debut of Fares' new Swedish studio Hazelight.

Fares confirmed that A Way Out will only be playable in co-op. He noted that there will be an online option, but he strongly suggested playing it splitscreen in the same room.

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There's a bit of Hitman-style sandbox gameplay where each character can influence the scene through their behavior. For example, if one character is being scolded by a prison guard, another can start a fight to create a diversion.

Fares was obviously pretty pumped to present A Way Out and he pledged that "It's going to kick ass."

Here's some more gameplay with Fares narrating how it works:

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A Way Out is due in early 2018 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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