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A Way Out gets release date, as creator Josef Fares rants about Oscars, lootboxes and his publisher EA

"All publishers f*** up."

Last night at The Game Awards, co-op criminal caper A Way Out got a new trailer which also revealed the game's release date (23rd March 2018). But that is not what A Way Out's segment will be remembered for.

A Way Out's chief creator Josef Fares was on hand to chat with host Geoff Keighley and introduce his game - but instead launched into an extended, expletive-ridden rant about other matters.

In Fares' firing line last night: the Oscars, lootboxes and the recent backlash against Star Wars Battlefront 2 publisher EA (which Fares is working with to publish A Way Out).

"If the whole world tells me 'your game is shit,' I will tell them, no, it's not," Fares said at one point.

"It doesn't have anything [to do] with the EA s*** going on, with the loot boxes and stuff," he continued, as Keighley attempted in vein to keep the conversation on topic. "EA has been very good to me," Fares added.

"All publishers f*** up sometimes," Fares concluded. "That's just how it is."

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You can watch the whole thing in full above, or there's this spot-on take:

Ironically, it wasn't too long ago an internal EA marketing document for A Way Out leaked online, with sales projections and the game's now-confirmed release date attached. Included within the notes was an eye-opening warning for EA staff about Fares:

"Fares as a personality is a plus, his passion is great, but need to watch out for controversy," EA had written.

Watch on YouTube

For once, maybe EA was right.

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