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Bowling, Beats on US PSN

Plus high-def GTA IV trailer.

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Sony's latest US update for the PlayStation Network's PS3 and PSP stores introduce a few interesting bits, including the Sixaxis-controlled High Velocity Bowling (USD 9.99) for PS3 and Sony London's downloadable PSP MP3-playing rhythm-action game Beats (USD 4.99), which you may arrived on the European PSP Store at launch.

Other PS3 Store highlights include a 720p downloadable version of the new Grand Theft Auto IV trailer, a new MotorStorm Falfer Domino vehicle (USD 0.99) and the Folklore add-ons we mentioned yesterday (USD 3.99 each, 5.99 the pair).

Meanwhile, Black Sabbath tracks are also available for Rock Band, there's a TimeShift multiplayer demo, and those of you collecting the PSone games (which work on PS3 and PSP) can grab Wild Arms for USD 5.99. The PSP Store also gains wallpapers for Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters and LocoRoco - the latter sporting a holiday theme (presumably not "too many football matches at once" though).

Check out the Sony US blog for more on the PS3 and PC PSP Store updates.

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