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Folklore DLC this month

Pair of add-on packs.

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Soul-slurping Sony and Game Republic effort Folklore is set to benefit from a pair of downloadable add-on packs this month, with the possibility of more to come.

Announced on the Sony US blog, the two packs introduce four new quests between them and a pair of new costumes - one for Ellen and one for Keats.

The first pack is called The Kidnapped Folk, and actually takes place during the original story, sending you back to Doolin to recapture kidnapped Folk and regain the trust of Brumbear's soldiers.

The second, Bottom of the Sea, allows you to conclude the Wandering Thoughts mission begun in The Kidnapped Folk, and scour the seabed for a mysterious item requested by Damona, also taking the opportunity to work out something to do with an accident in the Endless Corridor.

Check out the official post for pics of Ellen and Keats' new get-ups, and your first glimpse at a new Folk called Maximillian who "has a mean cannonball attack". You can probably get a nasal spray for that.

For more on Folklore, check out our Folklore review, where Dave McCarthy decided it was a bit average and over-reliant on shonky Sixaxis controls despite his affection for some of the settings.

You liked it a bit more than him, though, elevating it to a 7.2 average with some of your score submissions.

Update: Our lack of Folklore knowledge betrays us - this stuff has been out on the European PSN for a while, and it's just the Americans who haven't had it yet. How silly we are! If I were you, I wouldn't even read the website again. We don't deserve it.

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