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Genji team's new PS3 game

Is Folklore.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony America has been showing off a new fantasy adventure called Folklore at an event in San Diego.

It's being developed by Game Republic of "massive damage" Genji fame, and is a dark tale inspired by western fairy tales. Hence the name.

You play as either the realist Keats or the dreamer Ellen, each with their own back story, personality, and reason for venturing into the mysterious Netherworld. It's here you'll explore several vastly different environments, from the ruins of Undersea City to the infinite maze of the Endless Corridor.

And, of course, you'll face off against fantastical beasties. But here's where it all gets a bit different. Each monster has its own special power, you see, and you'll be able to literally "shake" it to a standstill and "yank" it from them. All thanks to the marvellous motion-sensor in the Sixaxis pad.

Eventually you'll command around 100 powers that will jet out from you in the form of spirits. And it looks like you'll have a tough time making your mind up about which to choose and which to leave out.

Unfortunately no date has been set for the game yet, but we wouldn't hold our breath about seeing it in Europe this year.

Indulge yourself in the latest Folklore trailer over on Eurogamer TV.

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