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GC: Euro Folklore PSN demo

Available until end of August.

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Sony has released a demo for Folklore up on the European PlayStation Network, which will be available to download until 31st August.

It will give you all a chance to play the same version of the game being shown in Leipzig, and make your mind up whether you want to buy the full version on 12th October - a date not set in stone.

Folklore is a role-playing adventure from Japanese developer Game Republic, the same team responsible for the Genji series.

The story revolves around a supernatural theme of a Netherworld hiding in the Irish village of Doolin. You'll play as Keats or Ellen, each with different reasons for venturing in to this nightmarish realm occupied by magical beasties called Folks. These monsters hold powers you can claim for you own by shaking around your Sixaxis controller and literally yanking their magic from them.

It sounds very promising, but proved otherwise when we got our hands on the full Japanese version in July. While it displayed lots of technical polish and wonderful environments to explore, the gameplay fell into the unfortunate realms of mundane. Head over to our review of Folklore to find out more.

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