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Bookworm Adventures 2! This month!

A-W-E-S-O-M-E. Pop.

PopCap has announced that Bookworm Adventures 2 will launch for PC and Mac one month from today, which scientists estimate to be 15th August.

Except the same paragraph of the press release also says that it will be "available beginning July 30 exclusively on PopCap.com" for USD 19.95. Good thing it's a game about words and not numbers, probably.

Bookworm Adventures 2 takes players to three new "literary landscapes" and includes loads of new features above and beyond its predecessor.

You play Lex the bookworm, charging through well-known books and beating people up by forming words from a changing stock of letter tiles.

There are potions and treasures to add to Lex's power, defence and health, or provide one-shot bonuses, and the sequel adds "rainbow tiles", 20 new treasures and "zany literary 'companions'" including Mother Goose and the Cheshire Cat.

Three new mini-games are included too, so there are a total of six different side quests to earn additional potions and power-ups. The new games are called "Mutant Words", "Golden Coins" and "Word Up".

Other details you might like to know: there are 130 new enemies, Achievements to unlock, an infinite-replay mode for taking on completed levels, and an arena mode where you have to spell quickly to defeat your enemies.

Bookworm Adventures was so lovely that we married it, and we therefore have high hopes for the sequel, which we will review as soon as possible.