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Boll's Far Cry to be good?

Ubisoft demands it.

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Uwe Boll is a legend in his own right. Yes he punches critics, but at least his films are rubbish.

However, that's all set to change. Talking candidly about about his plans for Far Cry, he accidently divulged news that shocked journalists around the globe: this film is going to be good.

"Every other game I did so far, the game makers were happy I did a movie to support their franchise," said Boll. "With Far Cry, Ubisoft wants me to make a good movie because this is already a big franchise for them and they want to keep it going."

Perhaps it would have been easier to simply pick a different director.

The German has a busy year ahead of him. Work on Postal is coming to an end as BloodRayne 2 moves into production. Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale awaits someone to release it, and he's given his blessing for Alone in the Dark 2 to go ahead without his direction. Work on Far Cry should begin in the summer.

Those critics brave enough got a taste of their own medicine last year, as Uwe Boll literally challenged naysayers to a fight. Among those boxed silly was SomethingAwful's Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka, diving to the canvas like a girl to avoid the onslaught.

"He can't even direct Kristanna Loken's naked breasts in a manner that holds my attention," our very own Tom Bramwell maintains, after having sat through Boll's entire body of work. We wouldn't like to stir the proverbial pot, but that sounds like fighting talk.

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