BloodRayne 2

Psychonauts to join Steam

Majesco lines up PC titles.

Majesco has hopped onto the Steam bandwagon and plans to start flogging excellent platform title Psychonauts through Valve's system in October.

BloodRayne 2

BloodRayne 2

Guts for garters.

You know there's no place for subtlety in a game when the training level instructs the player to 'harpoon enemy and throw onto rhino horn'. Later, a chap is strangled with his own intestines. Our vampiric heroine surfs down banisters in six-inch heels while firing a gun powered by human blood. Limbless stumps spurt crimson across the floor accompanied by a sound effect like a racehorse pissing on wet grass. BloodRayne 2 is as subtle as a kick to the nads.

So BloodRayne returns, in a comeback that no one remembers asking for. When we last met it was the 1930s and our titular half-human, half-vampire had stopped evil Germans from creating a vampire army. She's since spent the last six decades killing off her siblings and other members of a fang-based cult, and she's still going. And now, in the time we like to call 'modern day', she's once again dividing the undead into bite-sized pieces. It's like Roy Castle once sang, dedication's what you need.

We join Rayne as she storms a mansion party, and we're instantly in the thick of it, chopping, slicing and filleting punks, vampires and Goths like it's a Hollywood B-movie. You'll half expect Stephen Dorf to turn up in long leather coat, looking cool while smoking a tab, wearing shades indoors and listening to Marilyn Manson. It's a fancy dress party and someone's invited every fetish cliché in the book. Leather and lace, Mohicans and gimp masks, thigh-high boots and androgynous villains. They leap and attack, offering a flash of knickers or a garter, spouting semi-kinky dialogue and getting off on the pleasure and pain. Oooh that hurts, do it again.

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