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Psychonauts to join Steam

Majesco lines up PC titles.

Majesco has hopped onto the Steam bandwagon and plans to start flogging excellent platform title Psychonauts through Valve's system in October.

In the meantime, it's already selling BloodRayne 1 and 2 and Advent Rising for between US$ 10 and US$ 20, with a 10 percent discount available for the first two weeks.

Majesco's biz-dev director Daniel Hofbauer reckons Steam is "unrivalled" as the "leading digital download platform" amongst the likes of you, and thinks selling the above games through Valve's service is likely to extend the reach of key brands.

Which is just as well, as Majesco hasn't been doing brilliantly lately - posting relatively improved third quarter revenues but still doing badly compared to its performance in 2005.

Recent results have forced the publisher to focus on smaller titles - something that pushed it in the direction of Nintendo Wii, for which it's working on a pair of games, one of which is Bust-A-Move Revolution, due out in early 2007.

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