Advent Rising

Psychonauts to join Steam

Majesco lines up PC titles.

Majesco has hopped onto the Steam bandwagon and plans to start flogging excellent platform title Psychonauts through Valve's system in October.

Advent Rising devs' new game

It's another sci-fi adventure.

A group of developers who worked on last year's PC and Xbox title Advent Rising have teamed up to form a brand new studio - and they're already hard at work on a brand new game.

Advent Rising

Advent Rising

Snappier than 'Gideon battles the evil aliens'.

So, do you want a nice drink or do you just want to get drunk?

Picking up the controls and stepping into the sci-fi universe of Advent Rising, you'll be asking yourself a similar question within the first ten minutes. All the ingredients are here, but can you put up with the overall taste?

Advent Rising has been constructed with top class production values in mind, but the glue that binds the elements together is soggy. The back story, sound, voice acting, presentation and gloss that coats the game is impressive, and goes a long way to charm the player. Being written by acclaimed sci-fi author Orson Scott Card didn't mean a lot to us to be honest, so if you want a point of reference think of the confidence found in Joss Whedon's story-telling in Serenity and Fray. It's that convincing sci-fi world which feels familiar without being clichéd, smart without being smart-arse. And for once, the story actually does a good job of holding the game together.

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