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Blood Bowl dated for UK/US

Fantasy football pushed to Q4.

Focus Home Interactive has said Blood Bowl will not appear in English-speaking regions until much later this year.

"Blood Bowl will be released end of Q3/beginning of Q4 in UK and North America," a spokesperson told Eurogamer, apologising that no "more detailed" information could be offered. That makes September or October the likely months of arrival, then.

Blood Bowl is a DS, PC, PSP and Xbox 360 take on the Games Workshop tabletop sport of the same name. As such, Blood Bowl is turn-based, bloody and steeped in rules and lore - all of which has been tastefully and faithfully recreated by French studio Cyanide.

French and German versions of Blood Bowl have been released on PC already, and early reviews on Metacritic are favourable.

Eurogamer Germany hopes to deliver its thoughts soon.

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Blood Bowl

Xbox 360, PSP, PC, Nintendo DS

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