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More Blood Bowl from Cyanide

Now on 360, handhelds.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

French developer Cyanide has said it will be making additional Xbox 360, PSP and DS versions of Blood Bowl for release next year.

The Games Workshop sports game was previously only being created for PC, but due to a very successful year it can now apparently afford to branch out.

Cyanide was granted the go-ahead to use the licence by the lead figure giant last year, even though it had been refused once before while creating copycat title Chaos League, which failed to ignite critical fuses.

Blood Bowl is a turn-based American Football game where fantasy races like Orcs and Elves go at it using all sorts of illegal moves and abilities. Cyanide will let you play it in either real time so you get a faster paced experience, or turn-based for something a little more authentic.

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