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Games Workshop's got "forgotten IP"

Blood Bowl dev eyes miniature licenses.

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Blood Bowl developer Cyanide reckons there is a "niche market" ready to gobble-up conversions of tabletop games. And not just Games Workshop licences, but ones such as Necromunda, Space Hulk, Man O'War and "plenty of others".

"If Games Workshop continues to trust us, then sure, why not," Cyanide's Antoine Villepreux told Eurogamer when asked if the collaboration might continue. "They have got other 'forgotten' IPs that we think deserve videogame adaptations."

Blood Bowl - a gory, fantasy take on American Football with orcs and elves - has been converted by Cyanide for PC, Xbox 360, PSP and DS, complete with classic turn-based mode as well as a faster Blitz mode.

Each version has multiplayer, we're told, although the PC will boast a world ladder as well as private, player-customised leagues.

"It's fun, strategically deep and we believe it deserves more attention beyond Blood Bowl's pre-existing fanbase," added Villepreux.

Blood Bowl is due out later this summer and may or may not be given a demo. Cyanide is also considering using DRM for the PC version as "piracy is a real concern" for a smaller company, apparently.

Cyanide would love to expand Blood Bowl indefinitely, but told us this depended on commercial success.

"The Blood Bowl universe is extremely rich," concluded Villepreux, "and we have many post-release content plans in the pipeline."

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