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Blizzard to do podcasts

Hints at new game reveals.

Blizzard has decided to use some of its gold reserves to create a monthly podcast for you.

The first show is expected sometime this week and will feature Sam Didier talking about art in Warcraft and StarCraft, as well as lead designer Jeff Kaplan detailing World of Warcraft patch 2.4 and giving highlights of Sunwell Plateau.

It will also give you lot the chance to throw your questions at Blizzard by submitting them through one of many fansites dotted around the Internet. Then, depending on its popularity, more money and resources will be poured on it in the future.

We're also promised mention of the two secret projects the developer has up its proverbial wizard's sleeve, too, on top of various competitions and giveaways.

Keep your eyes on the official Blizzard site, then.

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