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Blitz "convinced" the future is 3DTV

Mass adoption next console generation.

Blitz Games co-founder Andrew Oliver is "convinced" that 3DTV is the future - but believes that like HDTV it will require a brand new generation of consoles before the technology takes off.

"For mass [adoption], I think, yes," he told Eurogamer in an interview published today. "That's the big question; that is the big question. It's going to be slow; it's going to be really, really slow.

"I don't know when the next console generation is," he added. "You can't ask me things like that! No idea, and I wouldn't tell you if I did!"

Oliver said televisions capable of emitting 3D images are available now from real shops, but have trouble selling because there's no content to display on them.

"You can actually buy a Samsung plasma 3D[TV] on the high street today in Britain. But you wouldn't know it and the shops wouldn't tell you, because somebody might go, 'Prove it!'" said Oliver.

He can prove it, with Invincible Tiger: The Legend of Han Tao - a PSN and XBLA game with optional 3D mode that is due for August. But this will be just the first 3D game to come from Blitz.

"I'm absolutely convinced it's the future, so we just want to be in it at the beginning, learn the lessons - I mean we've already learned quite a lot of lessons in the last year doing a small game, that we're now ready to take on a big game that will be really, really good," he explained.

"OK, so that's going to be out in a year-or-so's time, by which time there may be five per cent of people that have those [3D]TVs. And it will slowly grow.

"At some point they will announce Blu-ray 3D, they will have Sky 3D, and suddenly the floodgates will open and our games will be there."

Head over to our full interview with Blitz Games co-founder Andrew Oliver to find out much, much more. He's quite a chirpy chap.