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Hardened, Prestige vers for Black Ops?

US retailer listings sighted.

Activision may be offering similar bundle deals for Call of Duty: Black Ops to those it offered for last year's Modern Warfare 2.

That's if retailer listings for Hardened and Prestige versions of the first-person shooter uncovered by IGN are to be trusted.

The listings on Buy.com, since pulled, offered no information on contents but had $79.99 and $149.99 price points respectively.

Activision told the site, "We haven't made any announcements to date."

The Hardened edition of Modern Warfare 2 came in a steelbook case and included a hardback art book and a redeemable code for the Call of Duty Classic downloadable PSN and XBLA game.

The Prestige version, meanwhile, included a pair of working night-vision goggles, which yours truly bought a friend for Christmas. Apparently they spend a lot of time in the dark under his bed.