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Black Ops mod tool kit due in May

Tinker with the PC version.

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Treyarch aims to launch a mod tool kit for Call of Duty: Black Ops in May – half a year after the game's launch.

Treyarch community manager Josh Olin confirmed the intended May release in a tweet, originally posted by a developer known as "pcdev".

The Activision-owned studio confirmed its intention to open the PC version of Black Ops up for player modding in August last year.

At the time, pcdev said that creating the tool kit was a "non-trivial" amount of work and would have to wait until after the game was finished.

"We plan to open the game up for modding sometime post-launch," said pcdev. "We do not know yet to what extent you will be able to mod the game.

"There are some purely technical issues related to engine and internal tool enhancements that do not easily fit the modtools paradigm. We have looked at it close enough to see that it is non-trivial and we will have to pick it up again post-launch. Right now we are completely focused on finishing the game."

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