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Bizarre defends city recycling

PGR4's versions quite different.

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Bizarre Creations has defended the decision to include several of the cities and tracks that featured in Project Gotham Racing 3 in the upcoming sequel, arguing that new weather conditions, cars and game modes justify their inclusion.

"We know that you guys and gals have all played these tracks to death, and a lot of you have already been sceptical that including the same cities again might be some kind of cop out. Well that's not the case," the developer's latest Studio Update states.

"As well as motorbikes (which drive totally differently and provide a new challenge for PGR veterans), there is also a much wider vehicle set this time around. It's not just 'life begins at 170mph' any more; this time there are slower vehicles to take to the track as well."

The developer also cites the huge variety of weather conditions available for each city - clear, light rain, heavy rain, snow, overcast, light fog, heavy fog, storm, icy and wet conditions. New game modes include Survivor and Superstar - the latter a case of earning a certain amount of "stars" through acquisition of Kudos points in a specific amount of time.

The latest Studio Update focuses mainly upon the locations in PGR4 and the steps Bizarre has taken to teach racers how to navigate them successfully and avoid pile-ups. Rumble strip and barrier placement, for example, have been paid a lot of attention.

"This subtle new track layout makes a really big difference when you actually drive around the circuits, leading you into and out of corners and avoiding pile-ups when you're halfway through," Bizarre says. Rumble strips have been extended outward, as one example, which gives you an idea of where to position yourself on the track as you approach corners. "I guess you could say this is our equivalent of Forza's green snake thing," the developer jokes.

On the flipside, the team has also included larger run-offs on hairpins - like the famous New York City one - so that somebody fouling it up on the outside or inside can be avoided.

Other items of note in the most recent update include news that point-to-point races have been removed because circuits fit PGR4's game modes better, as well as news of what else the "racification" team has been up to - as well as altering track layout for your pleasure, apparently they've been giving crowds your country's flag to wave, introducing trackside banners that highlight your current tournament, colouring in the barriers and giving spectators clothing appropriate to the weather.

For more, including a rundown on each of the 10 cities/locations featuring in PGR4, check out the full update. Alternatively, you can check out our PGR4 first impressions. The full game's due out in September.

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