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Bit.Trip Runner in Friday Wii update

Plus: Chronos Twins on DSiWare.

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Colourful and quirky platformer Bit.Trip Runner appears on WiiWare tomorrow.

Bit.Trip Runner follows a pixel person who sprints through brightly-coloured levels trying to avoid obstacles without stopping. A rainbow trail is left in your wake. Looks fast and fun. Costs 800 Wii Points (£5.60/€8).

Previous instalments Bit.Trip Beat and Bit.Trip Void set the tone.

The only other WiiWare addition is extra content for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

Main attraction on DSiWare is Chronos Twins. Control past and present versions of main hero Dec to navigate platform and puzzle challenges. This earned a respectable 7/10 on DS.

Also on DSiWare are puzzle game Brain Drain, sky-racer game AiRace and Sudoku Challenge. All cost 500 DSi Points (£4.50/€5), apart from Fire Panic at 200 DSi Points (£1.80/€2).

On Virtual Console tomorrow is Ghoul Patrol from the days of the Super Nintendo. This costs 800 Wii Points (£5.60/€8).

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