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BioWare delays the Dragon Age Keep

The "companion web experience" for Inquisition.

Dragon Age: Inquisition was delayed and now BioWare has announced the Dragon Age Keep will be, too.

The Keep, a "companion web experience" for Inquisition, never had a solid release date and still doesn't have one now - it was always due out at some point before Inquisition and that's still the case.

The closed beta for the Keep will be extended "accordingly", BioWare said. It has been running for "several months" and you can sign-up to take part.

The Keep allows you to customise the starting state of your Dragon Age: Inquisition world, deciding what happened at major plot points throughout the series' history.

Once you've customised your world, your choices will be compiled into a file that your Inquisition game can import - very much like importing saves from previous Dragon Age games. But will you still be able to do that - import old saves? BioWare is still investigating but it gets increasingly unlikely.

The Keep was invented for numerous reasons: for newcomers, to overcome compatibility issues with Inquisition using a different engine to Dragon Age 1 or 2, and to allow people to carry on their Dragon Age stories on new or different hardware (there are PS4 and Xbox One versions this time).

I played Dragon Age 1 and 2 on PS3 but I may want to swap to PC or a next-gen machine, and with the Keep I can do that. I may also like to slightly tinker with my ruthlessly evil DAO decisions and resurrect a few companions.

BioWare has also talked about the Keep being a place to record - and show the world - your Inquisition progress, but exactly how is unclear. Dragon Age 1 and 2 did similar with rudimentary web profiles - look, here's me!

Dragon Age: Inquisition is due out 18th November - presumably Friday, 21st November here.

This is a handy video made by someone who's been involved with the Keep beta.Watch on YouTube

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