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BioShock Infinite trailer producer highlights similarities with Clockwork Revolution

UPDATE: "Any similarities are unintentional," Microsoft says.

UPDATE 5.45pm UK: Microsoft has commented on the similarities to BioShock Infinite seen in the debut trailer for Clockwork Revolution, the next game from Wasteland 3 developer InXile.

"Any similarities are unintentional," an Xbox spokesperson told Eurogamer today. "Players will be able to fully customise their own main character in the game."

Character customisation may set Clockwork Revolution apart from BioShock Infinite, but plenty of onlookers made comparisons between the game's artstyle, characters and setting. More on that below.

ORIGINAL STORY 11.30am UK: The producer of BioShock Infinite's trailers has spoken up on Clockwork Revolution, the time-bending steampunk RPG from Wasteland 3 developer InXile Entertainment which was announced at yesterday's Xbox Games Showcase.

The reveal sparked immediate comparisons to BioShock Infinite from many viewers, thanks to its setting, combat, characters, enemy designs...

The similarities did not escape the eye of Twitter user Butmac, who said they produced the trailers for BioShock Infinite which were released in the run-up to the game's launch in 2013.

Our first look at Clockwork Revolution.Watch on YouTube

Butmac commented on Clockwork Revolution shortly after it was shown at Xbox Games Showcase. "I've never seen a game take from another game as directly as Clockwork Revolution took from Bioshock Infinite. I mean, that was IP infringement levels of borrow."

Following that, they compiled screenshots of the trailer for Clockwork Revolution, and trailers and in-game moments of BioShock Infinite. "Watching the trailer for Clockwork Revolution today I felt like I was having a flashback, so I made some comparisons to see if I was crazy," they said. Side-by-side, the comparison is made even clearer.

As someone who replayed BioShock Infinite multiple times and has that game basically ingrained into their mind, I'm intrigued to see just how closely Clockwork Revolution will resemble BioShock Infinite. There's a fine line between imitation and inspiration, and InXile Entertainment will certainly be facing questions on this topic.

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