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BioShock Infinite has no multiplayer, creator confirms

Would you beliEVE it.

BioShock Infinite will not include a multiplayer portion, series creator Ken Levine has confirmed.

Developer Irrational Games was known to have been working on several multiplayer modes earlier this year. Levine announced in August that at least two of these had been cut.

Levine last night revealed the lack of multiplayer while responding to a fan query on Twitter (as spotted by Evil Avatar).

"No multi", he wrote.

Irrational had been working on a Spec Ops mode, which allowed four players to blast through levels from the single-player campaign. A tower defense-style mode was also cut. It had shrunken players battling enemy toys in a steampunk arcade machine.

Work on a multiplayer offering - which by job postings was seemingly only embarked upon this year - may have caused the game's delay into early 2013. The original BioShock eschewed multiplayer, a decision reversed for sequel BioShock 2 which lacked Levine's involvement.