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Bethesda website says Starfield's physical Xbox release will include a disc, but the PC version won't

UPDATE: Bethesda offers further clarification.

UPDATE 27/6/23: After several days of confusion and conflicting statements, Bethesda has confirmed to Eurogamer the details in its freshly resurfaced Starfield pre-order bonus page were recently updated to provide clarification on the inclusion of a disc in certain versions of the game's physical release - and that the information now featured on the page is correct.

As such, its final word on the matter appears to be that, as below, Starfield's physical Standard Edition for Xbox will contain a disc, but that the physical Standard Edition for PC will not, instead including a digital download code for the game. Meanwhile, all versions of the physical Constellation Edition will only include a digital download code.

Starfield launches for PC and Xbox Series X/S on 6th September.

ORIGINAL STORY 26/6/23: Just a day after Bethesda said Starfield's physical release would not include a disc, a resurfaced post on the company's website has further suggested otherwise - for Xbox users at least.

Word that Starfield's physical editions would not include a disc first came via a tweet from Bethesda support over the weekend, which, in answer to a customer query, said, "All physical editions include a code for the chosen platform. There are no physical discs".

The outcry was immediate, with fans understandably concerned Microsoft was planning to take advantage of Starfield's high-profile release in order to plunge its customers into a digital-only future. That now appears to be less of a concern, however, based on details included in a newly resurfaced pre-order bonus breakdown post on Bethesda's website - which corrobrates a tweet unearthed over the weekend on the company's Twitter account for Spain,

Here's Digital Foundry's video reaction to Bethesda's recent Starfield deep dive.Watch on YouTube

As part of a section detailing exactly what each edition of Starfield will include, Bethesda writes, "Game disc included with physical purchases of Xbox Standard Edition. Game code included with physical purchases on PC Standard edition." The physical Constellation Edition, however, will only include a digital download code.

You'd assume that's Bethesda's actual, official word on Starfield's physical disc situation, then, especially given its no-disc tweet was deleted shortly after posting. But I've asked the company for a definitive statement on the matter, just to end any lingering confusion once and for all.

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