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Bethesda makes Portal map

You can play it, too.

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Bethesda is so infatuated with The Orange Box that it has made its own Portal map.

The honours fell to level designer Daryl Brigner, who whipped out some rotating platforms and cobbled it all together in a presumably slow afternoon at work.

You can download the Ren Test2 map now for the PC version of Portal, although word is that it is incredibly difficult and some people have simply given up - despite it being described asvery innovative and fun.

But we will not stand for such nonsense here, as we expect each and every one of you to return triumphantly.

To install the map simply download it and unzip it to your "maps" folder in your "portal" directory. Then, when in-game, click on "Bonus Maps" and there should be a new category called "maps/RenTests" where you will find the Ren_Tests maps.

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