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Best storage deals during Amazon Gaming Week

Here are the best deals on SSDs and SD Cards in the Amazon Gaming Week sale.

Amazon kicked off its Gaming Week sale on 24th August, with lots of big discounts on gaming tech and accessories available until 3rd September.

The Gaming Week sale has a lot of great deals on expandable storage for both PCs, consoles and handhelds on offer from brands like WD_Black, Crucial, Kingston, Sandisk and more.

Down below we've rounded up the best Amazon Gaming Week deals for PCIe SSDs, external SSDs and SD cards to help you give your gaming setup a speed and storage upgrade for less. Make sure you check out the full Amazon Gaming Week sale too to find more great deals on accessories like mice, keyboard, headsets and more.

Amazon Gaming Week PCIe SSD deals

Here are some of the best PCIe SSDs on sale in Amazon Gaming Week. Be sure to check out Digital Foundry's best SSDs for gaming and best SSDs for PS5 guides to help compare speeds and workout what SSD is best for you.

Amazon Gaming Week external SSD deals

These external SSDs will work with PCs, PlayStations and Xbox consoles unless they state otherwise in their product name/description. These SSDs are great for storing your games on and transferring them to and from your console/PC, but you won't be able to play new PS5 or Xbox Series games directly from them, but you can play last-gen games directly from them.

Amazon Gaming Week SD Card deals

Here are some of the best micro SD cards on sale in Amazon gaming week. Digital Foundry also has you covered with their best SD cards for the Steam Deck and best SD cards for the Nintendo Switch rankings to help you work out which is the best mini storage upgrade to grab.

We'll continue to bring you the best deals in the Amazon Gaming Week sale (as it's running for more than a week) here on Eurogamer. To help you stay up-to-date, follow the deals topic using the tag underneath this article so you can get notified when we publish a new deal article.

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