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Battlefield 5 is now on Origin Access Basic


Battlefield 5 is now available on Origin Access Basic.

It's noteworthy because Battlefield 5, EA's big shooter for 2018, came out fairly recently. Usually it takes some time before the publisher's current blockbuster games hit Origin Access Basic.

It's worth noting EA is currently offering a seven day free trial of Origin Access Basic, so if you fancied playing Battlefield 5 for free for a week, you can.

As for Battlefield 5, well, it's in an interesting place right now. Our Martin Robinson enjoyed it at launch, calling it "DICE's most entertaining shooter in years" but "also its most compromised" in Eurogamer's Battlefield 5 review. Since then Firestorm, the battle royale mode, has launched and seems to have gone down well.

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But Battlefield 5 has also hit the headlines for the wrong reasons, including just this week, when EA issued one of the most ridiculous statements I've ever seen from a publisher.