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Battlefield 4 Naval Strike DLC adds new mode Carrier Assault

A reimagining of Battlefield 2142's Titan Mode.

Remember Battlefield 2142, the 2006 Battlefield spin-off set in the future? It had a mode called Titan that a lot of players remember fondly. Now, developer DICE is reimagining it for release as DLC for Battlefield 4.

Upcoming Battlefield 4 expansion Naval Strike includes a new mode called Carrier Assault, which DICE describes as a "re-imagining of the classic Battlefield 2142 Titan Mode".

We don't know much about how it will work yet, but we can dig out the history books to see how Titan worked for clues. In Titan, players had to work together to destroy the opposing team's Titan while defending their own. The Titans were huge flying warships defended by force fields. The idea was that you fought for control of the anti-Titan missile silos on the ground during the early part of the match before attempting to destroy it. You could even board it using assault pods and destroy it from within. Commander Mode, which is in Battlefield 4, let one player move the Titan around and defend it with guns. Given the new name for the mode, it seems likely in Battlefield 4 rather than attack a Titan you'll assault a carrier.

Meanwhile, we have more on what Naval Strike includes. It's focuses on water-based combat and adds four new maps all set in the South China Sea. One of the maps, Nansha Strike, includes the largest ocean stretch in a Battlefield map yet.

Expect five new weapons, the amphibious hovercraft vehicle and 10 new assignments. As with previous expansions, if you are a Premium owner you get Naval Strike two weeks early.

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