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Battlefield 4 map community helped DICE make is out tomorrow

Featuring escaped monkeys that had viruses tested on them.

The Battlefield 4 Community Operations DLC, which contains a new map the community helped DICE create, rolls out tomorrow for free on Origin, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. Community Operations coincides with the release of the Fall Update for the game but is separate to it.

DICE involved the BF4 community in the creation of map Operation Outbreak by asking a series of questions via polls. The result is a medium-sized, leafy and infantry-focused map you can blow to pieces, a bit like that scene in Predator where Dutch and pals do some explosive gardening.

Operation Outbreak has a story revolving around monkeys - monkeys a virus is being tested on. But oh no - or ye gods be praised - the monkeys escaped and now the apoplectic apes have attracted the conflicting attention of the US and China.

Video makers The Two Scotsmen have put together a rather splendid video of Operation Outbreak in action.

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