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Batman: Arkham Knight - ACE Chemicals gate, Batmobile Remote, factory workers, drones

Our Batman: Arkham Knight walkthrough continues with a guide to opening the ACE Chemicals gate, and rescuing the workers inside the factory.

Before you're able to to use the Batmobile's Power Winch on the toxin-spewing pipe, you'll need to open the main factory gates so that the vehicle can get inside.

Open the main ACE Chemicals gate

Grapple up and out of the windows above, then retrace your steps back east, heading toward the waypoint marker. Just remember to stick to the rooftops in order to avoid the large number of drones patrolling the factory yard below.

The waypoint marker points to a small building with a glass window in its ceiling. Touch down on its roof and engage Detective Mode. Glance down and you'll spot the first of the five factory workers you need to save. There are also five thugs inside - two armed with pipes and three unarmed guards who are currently preoccupied. In other words, not too much to worry about.

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Position yourself over the window and smash your way down, immediately dealing with the guards that swarm to your position. Once all five are neutralised, approach the worker's body then, after you've finished chatting with Oracle, use the nearby control panel to open the main gates.

Activate your Batmobile Remote and, when the action switches to your vehicle, deploy Battle Mode and use your Power Winch to latch onto the girders ahead. Pull back to hoist the decimated bridge upward, then accelerate and boost to clear the gap and enter the factory interior.

As soon as you touch down on the other side, five drones move in to strike. Use your cannons to destroy them swiftly. Be extra mindful of the heavily-armoured tank that joins the fray: it's able to cover a much wider area than standard drones, and features three targeting lines that fan out from its gun turret. As such, you're going to have to be extra nimble to avoid its lock-on ability.

Rescue the missing ACE Chemicals workers (continued)

With all five drones down, locate the sealed gate set into the wall to the north and latch on using your winch. Pull back to rip it from its hinges, then speed up the ramp beyond. As you round the corner, make a sharp left and race along the cabling connecting the main factory to the large building out in the water. As you approach the circular central structure, switch to Battle Mode and quickly bring down the small group of thugs loitering on the platform to the right.

Next, disembark and activate Detective Mode to survey the surrounding area. You'll immediately spot three armed guards - and the next factory employee - inside the central building. To gain access, however, you'll need to rip down the large metal gate along the structure's north-facing wall. Hop back into your vehicle and use Battle Mode to carefully wind your way around the building. Finally, deploy your winch to tear away the gate.

Once the path is clear, immediately eject from your seat and point yourself toward the guards inside. If you're quick, you'll have the element of surprise on your side and can take them down before they have time to react.

The next factory worker is chained to a pipe behind an impregnable glass window. To access the room, head through the orange door nearby. Your rescue attempt is almost immediately interrupted by the Arkham Knight and his gun-toting friends. When your nemesis is distracted by a phone call, activate the Batmobile Remote then fire a suppressor round at the glass window.

As the Arkham Knight's thugs recoil in surprise, quickly bring them down with some hand-to-hand combat, doing your best to avoid any opponents that are still armed. Once the threat is quelled, untie the factory worker to learn more of Scarecrow's plans.

Escort the ACE Chemicals worker to Gordon on the bridge

Now that the worker is safely ensconced in the Batmobile, you need to drive him to Commissioner Gordon on the broken bridge near the factory entrance. Follow the waypoint marker and drop off your charge. Next, rev your engines and ramp back into the main factory yard.

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